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I'm opening commissions for the first time ever! Very excited, but also quite nervous..
I know by the looks of it; I can only draw TLK/Disney stuff, but that's only due to limited examples of work. I can draw virtually any animal in virtually any style you want.

- PayPal only. $AUD if possible (I'm Australian). For American buyers, this means the exchange rate may cost an extra few dollars. I apologize for this, but there isn't much I can do about it. Here's a currency calculator if you need to work it out:…
- No point commissions, sorry. 
- Animals only

Please check out my prices and details below if you're interested! 

1. Traditional Sketch Commission: $3 for 1 character (extra $3 for every additional character
Traditional art only for this one, I only have a laptop touch pad to use for digital art, great for painting; not for sketching.
The examples given are quite rough, but commissions of this nature can be cleaned up if desired.
One Example:
Stampede by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
'His name is Stitch.' by NostalgicChills   'I will avenge Scar...' by NostalgicChills   Be Prepared by NostalgicChills   'Brother...Help Me.' by NostalgicChills

2. Head Bust/Portrait Commission 1: $8 for 1 character (extra $7 for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, lineart outline, limited to no shading or lighting, simple background
One Example:
Commission - Cheezi's Mother by NostalgicChills

Other examples:
I'll Rise Above... by NostalgicChills    Mufasa by NostalgicChills   Commission for KashimusPrime - Kumba by NostalgicChills

3. Head Bust/Portrait Commission 2: $15 for 1 character (additional $5 for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, painted (no outline), shaded, lighting, simple background
One Example: 
The Past Can Hurt.. by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
King Mufasa by NostalgicChills   Say A Prayer For Me (redone) by NostalgicChills   Teen Simba by NostalgicChills   Scar by NostalgicChills   I'm A Hound Dog! by NostalgicChills

4. Full Body Commission: $20 for 1 character (extra $10 for every additional character/s
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, simple-ish background
One Example:
Here Comes The Sun (Redone) by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
Lea Halalela by NostalgicChills  Stitch's WTF? face by NostalgicChills   Drops Of Jupiter (Redone) by NostalgicChills

5. Portrait Commission 3: $27 for 2 characters interacting, or two shots of same character on one page ($10 extra for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, more complex background (if desired)
One Example:
My Little Makucha by NostalgicChills
Other examples:
Sorry Zira.. by NostalgicChills   Nuka - Design/Color Study by NostalgicChills  The Wicked And The Sane by NostalgicChills  Hello, Old Friend by NostalgicChills  

6. Comics: $14 per comic panel **maximum of six panels for one page, limit of three pages**
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, detailed backgrounds (if desired)
NO TEXT. I recently lost access to Photoshop on my other computer. Paint Tool SAI doesn't allow for adding text without access to Microsoft Word (which I don't have). So this is a limitation issue, rather than a personal one. 
If text is needed for the final product, tell me; and I'll give permission for you to add text onto the image. Additional prices may need to be added for complexity i.e. multiple characters, action scenes etc. 
This may be a high price, but each panel is a body of work in itself. Please understand this.

One Example:
A New Era - Redone by NostalgicChills

Other examples:
The Tragic Trio - Stargazing by NostalgicChills   If Only For A Night... by NostalgicChills  

7. Full Digital Commission: $43 for 1 character (additional $15 for every extra character/s) 
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, very detailed background
Example for $43 Commission:
Long Journey Home by NostalgicChills

Examples of a $58 Commission:

Delicate Balance by NostalgicChills

Once I Called You Brother by NostalgicChills



1) Changes:
I am willing to make four (small) changes to a commission free of charge. Any big change will come with a $2 fee. After the initial four small changes, I will be adding a fee of $2 for every additional change (fee depends on how big the change is). This is why you need to be VERY specific on what you want as soon as you book a commission. If it's an OC, I will need either: a reference sheet, an image, or at the very least a very detailed description of your character. You need to describe to me: what pose, expression, environment, scenario; and specifically anything you want right from the get-go. If you want changes to a drawing, please say so within the first two weeks of receiving it. After the said two weeks is up, I will NOT be making any changes.

2. Time:
My method for digital painting is very labor intensive, but it assures the best results. One drawing can take anywhere between one week, to three weeks; depending on complexity. Upon assessing all the details involved, I will estimate how long your individual commission will take, and try my hardest to stay true to it. Please do NOT nag me about when the drawing will be finished before the expected date of completion, it won't get it done any faster. Feel free to politely ask for an update after a week or so, but do not bombard me with impatient notes and messages. Respect is really all I'm asking for here.
While on the subject of rudeness, please do NOT contact me just to complain about my prices being too high for you. I'm sorry if my work is out of your price range, but the set prices are not negotiable. You won't be able to guilt me into changing/lowering them, so please don't try.

3. Payment:
I only accept PayPal at the moment for payment, point commissions are closed. 
Pre-payment only please. Too many terrible stories about artists getting scammed into free labor. I know trust is a two-way street, but I've been a member of this community for 6 years. My good reputation here means a lot to me, I would never intentionally tarnish it by stealing people's money. I wouldn't anyway out of ethics alone, but just saying; I have something to lose here. You can trust me.

4. Uploading:
Upon receiving completed commission, you own the right to upload and share it anywhere. But unless specifically stated otherwise, I too have the right to upload said work anywhere I choose.



- OCs in virtually any style you want (animals only please)
- Fan Art (animal characters highly preferred, note me for inquiries for characters who are non-animals)
- Lineart (note me for details/prices)
- Nature backgrounds (note me for details/prices)
- Realistic animals i.e. Wild animals, Pet portraits etc.
- NSFW (note me privately)

- Humans and/or man-made objects
- Pixel Art
- Logos
- GIFS/Animations
- Hardcore gore. Some violence is fine, but nothing excessive (i.e. decapitations, disembowels etc.)
- Hate/spite art towards a particular person/group. Certain characters is fine (though not favorable), but nothing against real life people. I don't want to get wrapped up in any unnecessary dramas.
- I won't accurately recreate another artist's drawing. I have a strict policy against copying another artwork unless it's your own upon request. Please don't show me a drawing you found on this website (or elsewhere) and say "Draw this exactly as it is, but with my characters!" If you want me to draw something SIMILAR to another piece (reference sheets are obviously good to go; if not necessary), that's fine. But don't get annoyed if it's not the exact pose, and/or expressions as the drawing in question.

Thank you for looking! :heart:



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Disney Freak Stamp 3 by andy-pants

Requests Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx da Stamp - Art Trades Closed by lynkx-ie Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

:star: :star: Welcome Pastel Banner by RoyalBlackheart :star: :star:

Welcome fellow devious dA dwellers!

I have spent more than 12 years drawing TV and movie characters. My lifetime obsession is animation, i love all kinds, but my favourite are the classic 2D ones!

Heed this warning my friends! If you decide to watch me and/or view my gallery...know this! I love to analyze things...A LOT! Admittedly sometimes i even go a little too far with my analysis works! ^^;
Mostly it's to do with a particular animated film (usually The Lion King), or sometimes it's just something about life in general.
My descriptions are often long and highly opinionated. So, if you don't like reading long texts, work may not be to your liking. Give one a read and see for yourself!
Also, i have a pretty immature sense of humor (like a lot of people), and my satirical works also tend to have a lot of black comedy. But for the love of all that is holy!... DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY! PLEASE!

:star: About me! :star:

Movies, TV shows and other media:
The Lion King by winter-ame Stamp: Lion King by Zurviving Watership Down Stamp by by WatershipDownCLUB Plague dogs stamp by ArtemisA-wolf child of the 90s stamp by invader-zim-14 Stamp Commission from Riza-Izumi by Little-rolling-bean Daria Stamp by LightningRyu Helga Pataki Fan Stamp by Panfla R.I.P. Freddie Mercury Stamp by poserfan The Iron Giant -Stamp by Dactik The Ol' Kimba-Simba Debate by endler Lemongrab laughs Stamp by upui Disney Stitch + Headtilt Stamp by TwilightProwler MS Mystery Gang Stamp by TwilightProwler Anti-TLK SNA by funlakota Just because it's a symbol on the body... by Sketch-Shepherd

Fandoms and DA related:
Anti-Kopa Stamp by funlakota Learn to Accept Different Opinions Stamp by MamaBearShiva Highly Opinionated Stamp by In-The-Zone Atheist Stamp by StampMeisters Criticism Isn't Trolling by genkistamps Stamp - Good and Bad by stop-tracing Anti-Base Art Stamps. by Pokii-Pokii Learn The Rules People by MamaBearShiva Stamp - Tracing Is THEFT. by stop-tracing Bases... by RainbowReptile WHOOPS. SORRY FOR SHARING MY OPINIONS. by World-Hero21 Drawing Animals vs People by SilverToraGe Anti Art Theft Stamp by Zeiphex Outta Here Cat 02 by rosariocentralplz Animal lover. by Monster-Boar dramatic cat by rosariocentralplz I love Shih Tzu by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl Anti-Tags Stamp by Sir-Drago Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 :thumb365508842: Rain Stamp by Stamp221 We are not Trophies stamp by AzureHowlShilach DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 02 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 01 by tppgraphics Anti-Taxidermy Stamp by smileystamps Banhammer Massacre by Illogical-Lynx I love Lions by WishmasterAlchemist





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Funny side note, some ppl take loosing a song way to hard XD…
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Attack of the Recolor Artist by NostalgicChills
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